Win $1000 Christmas Cash

winSpend $20 at any specialty retailer or $100 at Woolworths or Aldi to enter.

Complete the entry form, attach your receipt, and place it in the competition barrel.

You must be present at the Prize Draw to claim the prize, with 3 x $1000 Cash Prizes to be won!


MarketPlace Warner Win $1,000 Christmas Cash Competition – Terms and Conditions of Entry

  1. Any person who lodges an Entry is deemed to have read, understood and accepted these Terms.
  2. The Owner, Centre Manager, Retailers (any person who would be generally considered to be a retailer under the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (Qld)), and tenant of the Centre and their respective officeholders, employees, agents, contractors, and their immediate families are not eligible to enter the Promotion.
  3. To be eligible to win the Prize, an individual must be at least 18 years of age at the time of entry into the Promotion.
  4. During the Promotion Period, a person shall be entitled to make one Entry for each transaction of $20 or more spent on an Eligible Specialty Store Purchase or $100 at Woolworths or Aldi at the Centre.
  5. A purchase of an item on lay-by or a similar scheme will be deemed to be an Eligible Purchase only upon the completion of the lay-by, if the purchase otherwise would qualify as an Eligible Purchase. To remove any doubt, the final lay-by instalment payment must be made during the Promotion Period.
  6. To enter the Promotion, a person must, during the Promotion Period: (a) properly complete an Entry; (b) attach (by staple) the original Receipt verifying an Eligible Purchase to such Entry; and (c) deposit such completed Entry and the attached original Receipt into the Entry Box.
  7. Subject to these Terms, an individual may enter the Promotion as many times they wish. If the Owner believes that an individual has unfairly contrived his or her purchases to artificially maximize the number of entries that he or she may otherwise be entitled to then the Owner may, at the Owner’s absolute discretion, declare that any number of single purchases constitutes one Eligible Purchase.
  8. Neither the Owner nor any person representing the Owner (including the Centre Manager) will have any obligation to ensure that information on an Entry is complete, correct or accurate. The Owner may deem an Entry which is incomplete, indecipherable, illegible or erroneous or which does not have attached to it (by staple) an original Receipt verifying an Eligible Purchase to be invalid.
  9. For the avoidance of doubt, an Entry completed with the name of more than one individual shall be invalid and will not be eligible for the Prize Draw.
  10. So as there may be no doubt, it is the responsibility of each entrant to the Promotion to ensure that their Entry is complete, decipherable, legible, correct.
  11. Subject to these Terms, on lodgement of a Valid Entry in accordance with the Terms, an entrant will be eligible for the Draw.
  12. Notwithstanding any provision of these Terms to the contrary, to win the prize, a person who enters the Promotion must be present at the Draw where their winning entry is selected. The name of the person appearing on the first Valid Entry drawn will be vocally announced immediately after the Draw and, if such person does not present him/ herself within two (2) minutes of such announcement and produce, at that time, government issued photographic identification which confirms that person’s identity and age, he/she will be deemed not to have been present at the Draw. In the above circumstances, the Entry of any such person shall be deemed not to be a Valid Entry, such person shall have no right to win or claim the Prize and further Draw will be effected in accordance with these Terms.
  13. The winners will be drawn by way of random draw from Valid Entries by an official representative of the Owner from the Entry Box, which draw shall be effected at 12:01pm on the Draw Date at a place within the Centre and in a manner designated by the Owner. Should Entry, not being a Valid Entry, be drawn from the Entry Box, such Entry shall be ignored and the official representative of the Owner shall immediately effect a further random draw on in accordance with the Terms until the winner of the Prize is determined. The results of the Draw will not be published in any newspaper or public notice.
  14. The overall winners of the Promotion must claim their Prizes (preferably by prior appointment with the Owner) at the Centre. The Owner is not required to give the Prize to a person claiming same if the Owner reasonably believes that the person claiming the Prize is not the winner of the Promotion. Before giving the Prize to the winners of the Promotion, the Owner may ask the person claiming the Prize to again provide proof of the person’s identity and age.
  15. The Owner will give the Prize to the winners of the Promotion within the time periods prescribed by the provisions of the Act and may require that the winners collect the Prize in person. Should the Prize be unclaimed, the Prize will be dealt with as directed by the Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation in accordance with the provisions of the Act.
  16. The prize includes a $1000 MarketPlace Warner Eftpos Gift Card. There are 3 $1000 MarketPlace Warner Eftpos Gift Cards to be won. Terms and conditions apply. Total value of prizes is $3,000 (gst inclusive). Persons entering the Promotion are responsible for any taxation liability (including any GST) or other government charges arising from their participation in the Promotion or receipt of the Prize. The Prize is not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash. The value of the Prize is accurate as at the commencement of the Promotion Period and the Owner accepts no responsibility for any variation in the value of a Prize after that date.
  17. In the event of war, terrorism, state of emergency or disaster, the Owner reserves the right (subject to all relevant State and Federal laws), to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Promotion and/or the Draw.
  18. Subject to the provisions of the Act, the Owner’s decision in respect of all aspects of the Promotion (including but not limited to the conditions of the Draw or any redraw and/or as to whether or not any Entry is a Valid Entry) is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into regarding same. The Owner reserves the right to refer any dispute relating to the Promotion to the Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation for resolution in accordance with the provisions of the Act.
  19. The Owner will not be liable for any loss (including, without limitation, indirect or consequential loss), damage, personal injury or death which is suffered (including but not limited to that arising by negligence (including that of the Owner)) in connection with the Promotion and/or any aspect of any Prize, except any liability that cannot be excluded by law (in which case that liability is limited to the minimum allowable by law).
  20. All Entries shall become and remain the property of the Owner immediately they are placed into the Entry Box. The collection, use and disclosure of personal information in connection with the Promotion is governed by the Owner’s privacy policy, (which is available from the Owner) and these Terms. To change or modify personal details on the Owner’s records, please contact the Owner.
  21. By lodging an Entry, persons entering the Promotion consent to their personal information being entered onto a database, which may be made available to the Owner and Prize sponsors for marketing purposes relating to the promotion of the Centre and retailers located in the Centre. The winners of the Promotion agree to have their name and photograph used for advertising purposes and/or to take part in promotional activities. For the purposes of this document, the following words have the corresponding meanings: “Act” means the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999 (Qld); “Centre” means MarketPlace Warner Shopping Centre located on the corner of Samsonvale and Old North Road, Warner, Qld; “Centre Manager” means LJ Hooker Commercial Gold Coast; “Draw” means drawing of the prize winners on the official draw date; “Draw Date” means 12noon on Saturday 23 December 2017; “Eligible Purchase” means a purchase of Goods or Services at the Centre made during the Promotion Period; “Entry” means an official entry in the form issued by the Centre Manager; “Entry Box” means the official entry box or similar device located in the Centre; “Goods or Services” means any form of goods or services other than alcohol or tobacco products, gambling products (including Golden Casket, Gold Lotto and Powerball) payments for rates, gas, electricity, telephone accounts, vehicle registration, subscriptions to health funds and/or ambulance subscriptions; prescription medicines or deposits into banks, building societies or other financial institutions or payments on account of insurances and the like; “Owner” Swiss Pillar Investments AG ; “Promotion” means the promotion conducted by the Owner at the Centre during the Promotion Period in accordance with these Terms; “Promotion Period” means the period commencing 8.00am on Thursday 30 November 2017 and ending at 12 noon on the final Draw Date (Saturday 23 December 2017); “Prize” means a $1000 MarketPlace Warner Eftpos Gift Card. There are 3 x $1000 MarketPlace Warner Eftpos Gift Cards to be won. Terms and conditions apply. Total prize value is $3,000 (gst inclusive). “Terms” means the terms and conditions set out in this document; “Valid Entry”means a decipherable and legible. Entry which has: (a) been completed by the insertion of the entrant’s name and residential address; (b) been signed by the entrant; (c) been placed into the Entry Box during the Promotion Period; and (d) has attached to it (by staple) an original Receipt verifying an Eligible Purchase.